Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Fun Theory

To continue in the spirit of this week's speaker event that featured the viral marketing company, Oddcast, I thought it appropriate to share with you a new viral campaign that I particularly liked.

VW and ad agency DDB Stockholm recently launched "Rolighetsterorin", otherwise known as "The Fun Theory". The campaign focuses on how to encourage people to see how much fun acting environmentally responsible (and ultimately purchasing environmentally friendly cars) can be. Through a series of videotaped experiments, we can see how fun can influence behavior. The campaign has received enormous publicity. For full statistics on number of views per video, trending on twitter, global reach, etc. you can click here.

Some of the videos from the campaign are followed below:

Piano Stairs

  • 1.2 million+ views in 4 days
  • 66% more people chose to take the stairs

The World's Deepest Bin

  • 88,000 views in 4 days
  • 72kg of rubbish in 1 day
  • 41kg more than nearby bin

To learn more:

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