Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jeffrey Group Meeting Minutes

Thanks to those who came out on Monday for our event co-sponsored with EEG where Chairman and CEO of The Jeffrey Group, Jeffrey Sharlach, discussed his entrepreneurial venture into the world of ad agencies and how his company came to be one of the leading agencies in the U.S.

Event: Jeffrey Sharlach, The Jeffrey Group
Date: Monday, October 26, 2009
Location: LC-25

-Brief Introduction of the Jeffery Group:

-When Jeffrey moved from New York to Miami, Jeffrey Group was first based in his apartment. The Miami Office was focused on reaching consumers in Latin America; it had a very profitable business and had big clients, such as Lycos, which was Yahoo's major competitor at the time.
-In 2001, however, the Tech Bubble burst, and the Argentinian economy collapsed, requiring the Jeffrey Group to lower costs by reducing human capital.
-The company then shifted its focus to the US Hispanic sector in 2004. Jeffrey stepped down, and introduced new leadership to the company.
-Jeffrey Group has its largest office in Brazil, since Brazil and Mexico are the "gateways" to Latin America.
-Competition is limited in Latin America (thus lots of opportunities!), but the US Hispanic sector is very fragmented. A new challenge for the company is to think about how to integrate the second and third generation Hispanics into its campaigns.
-Currently, Jeffrey Group's biggest client is Diageo, a liquor company that owns Johnny Walker, Smirnoff, and many other brands. Other clients include Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Airbus, and American Airlines.

-Followed by Q&A Session

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