Saturday, November 12, 2011

American Express Panel Recap

This past Wednesday Marketing Society had a panel from American Express. The panel consisted of all recently Stern graduates who had interned at American Express and then gone on to work there in Marketing. First there was a moderated discussion led by American Express' campus recruiting head. She asked the panel questions about their favorite and least favorite parts of working for Amex and to explain what exactly they do in each of their different departments. There was then a chance for any of the members to ask questions to the panel. Finally, after that there was time for all of the members to network with the panel and ask them any other questions.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blogger Panel Recap

This past Wednesday Marketing Society partnered with EEG (the Entrepreneurial Exchange Group) to co-sponsor a blogging panel. The panel featured three bloggers one from Thrillist, one from HackCollege, and the last from Swagger. There was a moderated discussion where the bloggers were asked questions like how did they get involved in blogging, how anyone can start a blog, and how blogs have turned into businesses. They exlpained how online advertising on blog works and the advantages and disadvantages to things like Google AdSense and direct promotion. It was cool to see the blogging perspective from all sides; fashion, humor, and lifestyle/city events. The biggest advice the bloggers had was to go into blogging with some sort of goal in mind and to never start a blog just to make money.