Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sawhorse Event Recap

Sawhorse Media

Main Point
When we think of marketing, we often think of creating marketing plans and positioning the product to
be sold. But times are changing and there are a new generation of firms that focus on offering products
in such a way that other people and entities automatically market for them. This can be achieved if
there is incentive and a way for people to pursue their own pursuits (star vehicle).

- Sawhorse Media founded by Greg Galant
- Started first business in high school: helping businesses close by plan and create websites
- Continued to work on different projects and internships during college e.g. CNN
- He then started Venture Voice, which is a podcast that discusses how entrepreneurs build their
- He created News Groper, a network of blogs by humor writers to imitate or fake the blogs
from celebrities. However the company faced the problem of getting to the next level because
resources were low and only the staff is trying to promote it. Celebrities also did not like the

Shorty Awards
- An award ceremony for Twitter – for people who create the best tweets.
- Within 24 hours there were a lot of posts on Twitter about it. Within 2 days they were getting a
lot of media coverage as a lot of journalists and media are on Twitter
- Realized that they have created a platform to showcase talents of others. Since a lot of people
wanted to get onto this platform, they were marketing for the awards. E.g. Suze Orman CNBC
humor video.

Sawhorse Media’s Other Social Media Platforms
- Muck Rack – list journalists by publication so people can search them up on Twitter and follow
them. Started with 100 journalists but soon others were asking to be listed on the website.
- Globalquad- lists Twitter users of a list of universities so it is possible to follow them.
- Listorious – search engine for people on Twitter. People requested to be listed on it and this
process helped to market the website.

The platforms Sawhorse Media creates are mostly for Twitter, are they considering other social media
- Shorty Awards never called “Twitter Awards” to not discriminate.
- Current Shorty Awards has added non-Twitter awards e.g. Tumbler or Foursquare
- Facebook is mostly private and therefore hard to achieve

How did Listorious become popular?
- Launched the same day as Twitter Lists. People told their friends about Twitter Lists and must
therefore also tell them where to find these lists.
- Partnership with Twitter- leveraged Shorty Awards relationship to help partnership for Listorious
- Listed 10 different domain names to ensure it will be found

What is it like working with the Twitter Platform?
- Compared to others, API easy to use

You majored in Philosophy; how helpful was it for his career?
- He started by majoring in business but it felt it didn’t feel it is that practical
- He found it helpful when in the selling and marketing stage because there are no scientific
empirical evidence, have to rely on other skills to push an idea

Some people criticize Twitter because of the low quality of tweet content and more people post only
to get more followers. How does this impact his operations?
- This is both problem and opportunity
- Problem because people pay to get nominations so there is more pressure to anticipate these
issues and use algorithms to combat it
- But opportunity – more noise means it is more meaningful finding the “best of” of the content

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rosetta Event Recap


Check out some of their featured work on their website:

- Started 12 years ago as a consulting company. Most of the people who work there originally
came from a brand management or classic consulting background.
- They decided to change their strategy when they realized they wanted to do the designing in the
marketing campaigns as well. They expanded through partnerships and acquisitions.
- 3 main areas within the company: strategic insights, ideas and programs, and technology
- Huge client list spanning across diverse industries e.g. consumer products, healthcare, financial
services, communication, emerging markets
- Usually work with big companies

- About providing expert advice to influence strategic decision making
- 4 key components: (consulting side) classic consulting and change management, (marketing
side) analytics, and insight generation
- Process after client comes to them for consulting advice (usually a 10-12 week process)
1. They will look at the size of the opportunities
2. Competitors- involve a lot of research and presenting information in a digestible way to business
3. Looking at options- ways of testing this include concept interest evaluation, pricing and analysis
4. How it will look like – create mission statement to creative team so they can create solutions to the issue.

Account Management - Working with an Agency
- Account management is in the middle of the 3 main areas within the company: strategic
insights, ideas and programs, and technology. Work with creative team to address issue client
presents, working with brand team to make sure there is no misalignment of goals
- Often will be given the scenario and they will have to fill in the blanks
- Use of PLAVIX example to demonstrate how account management works, in this example they
had to create a solution that fit the criteria of consumer focus, fit new government legislation
and a new website feeling. Creation of new site.

Working with Rosetta
- Relaxed environment
- Good reputation
- Extensive client list
- A downside of consulting is traveling and for junior members of the firm, Rosetta tries to limit
- Projects and work can range quite broadly depending on the project and client

-Starting out in the company usually means working on analytics and number crunching so you
can understand how to find trends and relationships in data.

Internship Process
- Rolling application on website
- Full time positions available as they conduct full-on recruiting processes

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting Free Stuff to Tweet? Yes Please

It turns out that mac and cheese has been trending on Twitter lately. Kraft's nimble marketing arm decided that this was the perfect opportunity to advertise their own mac and cheese, and they are running a "jinx" campaign to take advantage of the popularity. If two people mention mac and cheese, Kraft will send a link to both of them, and the first person to click the link will get free products! The person will also get a free shirt, so you KNOW I'll be participating in this event.