Monday, November 29, 2010

Events this week!

Hey Mktsoc!

Hope Thanksgiving break was relaxing and full of good food, friends, and family. Get back into the swing of things with a pair of awesome events this week...

YouTube & Gold Member Awards

12:30pm - 1:45pm

Admit it, you spend hours watching ridiculous YouTube videos instead of studying. Now, find out what it's like to work there from Stern Alumnus Avi Fein! We will also be recognizing our gold members so come out and show your support!

Google Google

12:30pm - 1:45pm

Google week will end with an informational event with Google, co-sponsored with PrideCrop. Learn about the company internship opportunities from Googlers working on DoubleClick, Online Sales, and YouTube.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nielsen Event Recap

Vision: To be recognized as the pre-eminent Marketing and Sale Analytics partner for CPG goods in North America

800 Clients in the U.S.
Desire to find out
~Who is buying?
~Why they are buying?
~How they are buying?

Unilever, P & G, Duracel, Coca Cola, Kraft

Three units:

Continuous Analytics: Deliver business building insights

Specialized Analytics: New Product consulting and strategic decisions. Ex: How many bottles will this new soda sell next year?

Custom Analytics: Answering complex custom studies. Ex: How effective is social media

Strategic thinkers,

Emerging Leaders program: students can join the summer after their senior year. Participate in different business units such as Corporate Marketing, Client services. Switch locations every sixth months, get to meet high level employees

Requirements: Recent graduate, flexibility to relocate, leadership in extra curricular, minimum 3.0. No one set major.

100 different countries around the globe, 35,000 employees. Company Culture very strong, everyone is willing to help, fun working environment. Philanthropic events, gaming events, happy hour


Allison: University of Michigan: Summer Intern now in Client Services, local media

Nina: 4 years with company. Analyst, now measurement science

Elizabeth: Fall of 2008: Communications, consumer. Transitioned over to media relations.University of Southern California

Cecilia: University of Pennsylvania, Communications and Psychology. Interned with A& E before

Sariko: New York University Stern: Economics: Corporate Marketing,

Keith: New York University Stern: Marketing degree: Digital agencies, tech and telecom.

High growth internally

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Just a friendly reminder that there will be NO Mktsoc meeting this Wednesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy the break, eat lots of turkey, and keep an eye out for cool marketing campaigns that highlight the holiday season. If you do see something really cool, we encourage you to post it here or on our Facebook wall!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dannon Trust Event Recap

Dannon Trust

About Danone:
People in the United States only eat 1 cup of yogurt a week, while in Europe it is closer to 1 per day.
Danone was founded in Spain in 1919.
Danone changed its name to Dannon in the United States to Americanize the brand and make it easier to pronounce.
Two of their biggest product categories include fresh dairy and water.
They have powerful brands such as Stonyfield, Light and Fit, and Activia.
It is in the top 5 of 6 top growing segments.
48% of their market is in Western Europe, while 22% is in the Americas, which is in line with their mission to bring healthy food to as many people as possible.
All Danone products are healthy, and based on a market segment map by JP Morgan, Danone is growing more rapidly than many other companies.
4 core values include Humanism, Openness, Proximity and Enthusiasm
4 Leadership Modes include Committed, Open, Doer, and Empowered
It's one company with two business models - health and wellness, and proactive health (uses probiotics)

Danone and Social Impact:

Danone has dual responsibility to its stakeholders and to society
It promotes sustainability through a variety of projects.
It built a joint venture, Grameen Danone Foods, with Muhammad Yunus, the founder of microfinance and a nobel prize winner.
Danone built micro-yogurt factories and had the Grameen bank provide loans to buy cows and materials.
Danone created employment with this project.
It also affects the local community by founding a non-profit that brings health and education to kids.

Top 10 Things to Remember:
1. Fast growing with the opportunity to triple business in 4 years.
2. Strong values bring to life a unique "culture" - Humanism, Openness, Proximity, and Enthusiasm (HOPE)
3. They strive to be a "great place to grow"
4. Opportunity for International Mobility
5. Proximity - simple and direct excanges between employees at all levels.
6. 100% focus on health and wellness - Growth for Good
7. Responsbile company - "Dual Responsibility"
8. Offer a career voyage vs a job or typical path
9. Rich in diversity
10. Learning opportunities for all

Danone Trust:
A business game based on a specific Danone business case.
Played online on web-based software.
Teams of 5 students act as Board of Directors of a Central Asia subsidiary.
The project takes 6 months to complete.
Starts with TRUST Day - 20-25 teams come in on a Saturday to compete in online module. 5 teams move forward.
The 5 teams get a real Danone Project that they take to the National Final.
The winning team goes to an International competition in Paris!

Why Participate in Trust?
Learn about challenges of global business.
Develop management skills.
Meet managers and understand unique business approach.
Win chance to experience real Danone project.
Compete to go to Paris!
Opportunity for advanced consideration.

Fran Heuser - Time Inc. Digital - Event Recap

Fran Heuser - Time Inc. Digital

Fran Heuser: President of Digital for the Time Inc. Style and Entertainment Group, overseeing
all business, sales, product development and production functions for the digital products of the
PEOPLE brand, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle and Essence.

The event was scheduled as a question and answer session with Fran. The discussion started off
with advice for getting ahead in your career.


-be self-aware; know what you are good at and what you are not good at

-be low-maintenance but contribute the most

-keep thing simple, make information digestible & easy for others

The next topic was the challenges with digital media:

-PRICE: right now People is on the iPad at a price of $4.99, yet is a challenge because
consumers are trained to expect digital content to be free

-DESIGN: the level of design available in print takes a lot longer to download on the iPad

-CONTENT: digital platforms require more real-time, more social elements

-ADAPTABILITY: you now have to be able to adapt your content to each device and each
different platform

Future for Print Media?

Yes. You cannot re-create the feeling of flipping through a fashion magazine and looking at big,
glossy ads. Depends on the industry though; traditional news will face more challenges because
they are dealing with real time content.

Advice for those who want to go into digital media:

-Know your stuff; read websites (paid content is a good website resource) and know what are
new websites, new applications

-Internships; assistant experience

-Positive attitude, goal-oriented, team-player

-Work for a start-up: ability to have several different roles, decision-making ability, ability to
move up the ranks

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Facebook to Launch New E-mail service?!

I'm sorry but as if Facebook has not come out with enough new features, it has been reported that Facebook has just acquired the domain for an e-mail service. On first glance I am not a fan of the idea, what are your thoughts?

Article Below from Mashable (

It has been revealed that Facebook has acquired the domain. This news comes just days before its special event, where it is set to reveal an overhauled version of Messages that works like e-mail.

A recent report from All Facebook claims that Facebook is using internally, but doesn’t quite know what Facebook intends to do with it. At the same time, The New York Times and TechCrunch claim that the company’s impending Messages overhaul will utilize the domain for user e-mail accounts.

What does that mean for Most likely, will become the e-mail domain of the company’s 1,400+ employees. Yahoo does something similar; its staff uses e-mail addresses instead in order to avoid confusion between its employees and the hundreds of millions of users of its e-mail service.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Come to Time, Inc. Digital on Wednesday!

Fran Hauser, Time Inc. Digital

12300pm - 1:45pm

Fran Hauser serves as President of Digital for the Time Inc. Style and Entertainment Group, overseeing all business, sales, product development and production functions for the digital products of the PEOPLE brand, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle and Essence. In June 2009, Fran was named one of Ad Age’s “Women to Watch”, a list of the “30 marketers, media sellers and agency executives to keep your eye on today”. Co-sponsored with AIDE

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Edelman and The Good Project Event Recaps

The Good Project
Mondays during common hour

Press Outreach: Currently trying to get in contact with different people. Completely revamped the press kit

Social Media: started a blog and took control of the twitter account. Also started a Facebook page.


Jennifer, the creative director and executive vice-president from Edelman came into speak with us about her firm.

After graduating college, Jennifer opened up her own firm but came to realize that she needed more time to settle down into a family.

She then moved over to Edelman after selling her company.

Currently Edelman is the largest family-owned agency in the world with over 32,000 employees in over 51 countries.

Edelman has helped create strategies and ideas for companies such as Starbucks, Pepsi, HP, BMW, Burger King, and more.

The firm alone came up with two of the most successful marketing strategies in modern times. The Pepsi Refresh Project as well as the Dove campaign for real beauty.

Jennifer considers herself the proud parent of the American Heart Association's "Go Red" campaign and the idea of the little red dress.

She then showed us some case examples for three companies they worked on: Ben & Jerry's, Trojan, and Brita water.