Monday, November 22, 2010

Nielsen Event Recap

Vision: To be recognized as the pre-eminent Marketing and Sale Analytics partner for CPG goods in North America

800 Clients in the U.S.
Desire to find out
~Who is buying?
~Why they are buying?
~How they are buying?

Unilever, P & G, Duracel, Coca Cola, Kraft

Three units:

Continuous Analytics: Deliver business building insights

Specialized Analytics: New Product consulting and strategic decisions. Ex: How many bottles will this new soda sell next year?

Custom Analytics: Answering complex custom studies. Ex: How effective is social media

Strategic thinkers,

Emerging Leaders program: students can join the summer after their senior year. Participate in different business units such as Corporate Marketing, Client services. Switch locations every sixth months, get to meet high level employees

Requirements: Recent graduate, flexibility to relocate, leadership in extra curricular, minimum 3.0. No one set major.

100 different countries around the globe, 35,000 employees. Company Culture very strong, everyone is willing to help, fun working environment. Philanthropic events, gaming events, happy hour


Allison: University of Michigan: Summer Intern now in Client Services, local media

Nina: 4 years with company. Analyst, now measurement science

Elizabeth: Fall of 2008: Communications, consumer. Transitioned over to media relations.University of Southern California

Cecilia: University of Pennsylvania, Communications and Psychology. Interned with A& E before

Sariko: New York University Stern: Economics: Corporate Marketing,

Keith: New York University Stern: Marketing degree: Digital agencies, tech and telecom.

High growth internally

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