Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dannon Trust Event Recap

Dannon Trust

About Danone:
People in the United States only eat 1 cup of yogurt a week, while in Europe it is closer to 1 per day.
Danone was founded in Spain in 1919.
Danone changed its name to Dannon in the United States to Americanize the brand and make it easier to pronounce.
Two of their biggest product categories include fresh dairy and water.
They have powerful brands such as Stonyfield, Light and Fit, and Activia.
It is in the top 5 of 6 top growing segments.
48% of their market is in Western Europe, while 22% is in the Americas, which is in line with their mission to bring healthy food to as many people as possible.
All Danone products are healthy, and based on a market segment map by JP Morgan, Danone is growing more rapidly than many other companies.
4 core values include Humanism, Openness, Proximity and Enthusiasm
4 Leadership Modes include Committed, Open, Doer, and Empowered
It's one company with two business models - health and wellness, and proactive health (uses probiotics)

Danone and Social Impact:

Danone has dual responsibility to its stakeholders and to society
It promotes sustainability through a variety of projects.
It built a joint venture, Grameen Danone Foods, with Muhammad Yunus, the founder of microfinance and a nobel prize winner.
Danone built micro-yogurt factories and had the Grameen bank provide loans to buy cows and materials.
Danone created employment with this project.
It also affects the local community by founding a non-profit that brings health and education to kids.

Top 10 Things to Remember:
1. Fast growing with the opportunity to triple business in 4 years.
2. Strong values bring to life a unique "culture" - Humanism, Openness, Proximity, and Enthusiasm (HOPE)
3. They strive to be a "great place to grow"
4. Opportunity for International Mobility
5. Proximity - simple and direct excanges between employees at all levels.
6. 100% focus on health and wellness - Growth for Good
7. Responsbile company - "Dual Responsibility"
8. Offer a career voyage vs a job or typical path
9. Rich in diversity
10. Learning opportunities for all

Danone Trust:
A business game based on a specific Danone business case.
Played online on web-based software.
Teams of 5 students act as Board of Directors of a Central Asia subsidiary.
The project takes 6 months to complete.
Starts with TRUST Day - 20-25 teams come in on a Saturday to compete in online module. 5 teams move forward.
The 5 teams get a real Danone Project that they take to the National Final.
The winning team goes to an International competition in Paris!

Why Participate in Trust?
Learn about challenges of global business.
Develop management skills.
Meet managers and understand unique business approach.
Win chance to experience real Danone project.
Compete to go to Paris!
Opportunity for advanced consideration.

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