Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ICC Halloween Fair TODAY! Ogilvy TONIGHT!


ICC Halloween Fair & MktSoc T-Shirt Pick-Up

ICC Halloween Fair. Today @ 12:30pm in Third Floor, Tisch Hall. be there.

12:30pm -1:45pm
@ 3rd Floor, Tisch Hall

Get to know members of The Marketing Society E-board, find out what we've got in store for this semester, and learn about other Stern clubs you can join.

Also, the t-shirts are in! If you ordered a MktSoc t-shirt, stop by the ICC Halloween Fair or contact to schedule a time to get it.


Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy. Today @ 7:30pm in the Wasserman Center. be there.

7:30pm - 8:45pm
@ Wasserman Center, Presentation Room A

Calling all brainiacs, mavericks, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and chameleons! Meet with Ogilvy representatives to learn more about the company and current opportunities. Ogilvy & Mather is one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world. Through its specialty units, the company provides a comprehensive range of marketing services including: advertising; public relations and public affairs; branding and identity; shopper and retail marketing; healthcare communications; direct, digital, promotion, relationship marketing. Ogilvy & Mather services Fortune Global 500 companies as well as local businesses through its network of more than 450 offices in 120 countries. It is a WPP company (NASDAQ: WPPGY).

Come learn more about the following opportunities:
SENIORS: Ogilvy NY Associates Program >>
JUNIORS: Ogilvy NY Summer Internship Program

Jeffrey Group Meeting Minutes

Thanks to those who came out on Monday for our event co-sponsored with EEG where Chairman and CEO of The Jeffrey Group, Jeffrey Sharlach, discussed his entrepreneurial venture into the world of ad agencies and how his company came to be one of the leading agencies in the U.S.

Event: Jeffrey Sharlach, The Jeffrey Group
Date: Monday, October 26, 2009
Location: LC-25

-Brief Introduction of the Jeffery Group:

-When Jeffrey moved from New York to Miami, Jeffrey Group was first based in his apartment. The Miami Office was focused on reaching consumers in Latin America; it had a very profitable business and had big clients, such as Lycos, which was Yahoo's major competitor at the time.
-In 2001, however, the Tech Bubble burst, and the Argentinian economy collapsed, requiring the Jeffrey Group to lower costs by reducing human capital.
-The company then shifted its focus to the US Hispanic sector in 2004. Jeffrey stepped down, and introduced new leadership to the company.
-Jeffrey Group has its largest office in Brazil, since Brazil and Mexico are the "gateways" to Latin America.
-Competition is limited in Latin America (thus lots of opportunities!), but the US Hispanic sector is very fragmented. A new challenge for the company is to think about how to integrate the second and third generation Hispanics into its campaigns.
-Currently, Jeffrey Group's biggest client is Diageo, a liquor company that owns Johnny Walker, Smirnoff, and many other brands. Other clients include Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Airbus, and American Airlines.

-Followed by Q&A Session

More about The Jeffrey Group at

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Ads

Essentially an online advertising archive and discussion community, Ads of the World serves as a great resource.

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I'd direct your attention to a new ad:

(For full ad image, click here)

"Celebrate Halloween with Guinness. October 31st."

Advertising Agency: Tempo Advertising
Creative Directors: Adrian Preda; Bogdan Costin
Art Director: Dan Costea
Copywriter: Alina Rosioreanu
Photographer: Valeriu Catalineanu
Other additional credits: Mr. C & Diana Stancu
Published: October 2009

It's got an average rating of 7.3/10, with 79 votes. How would you rate this ad? Do you like the eerie tone the colors convey? Do you hate the idea of car keys next to an alcoholic beverage?

For more Halloween ads, you can check out the collection at Coloribus, another ad archive site here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Week's Events!!

The Jeffrey Group
Chairman and CEO of The Jeffrey Group, Jeffrey Sharlach, will be discussing his entrepreneurial venture into the world of ad agencies and how his company came to be one of the leading agencies in the U.S. Learn more.

ICC Halloween Club Fair & T-Shirt Pick-Up

3rd Floor Tisch Hall

Get to know members of The Marketing Society E-board, find out what we've got in store for this semester, and learn about other Stern clubs you can join.

Also, the t-shirts are in! If you ordered a MktSoc t-shirt, stop by the ICC Halloween Fair or contact to schedule a time to get it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Portfolio Workshop & Resume Review Recap

Portfolio Workshop & Resume Review

Professional Portfolio
Q. What is a professional portfolio?
A. Collection of examples of your best work organized in a binder/book/portfolio
Q. Why is it important?
A. Cmoc’s fourteen-minute interview story!
Q. What do you include?
A. Hardcopy of PowerPoint Presentations, mock-ups, projects, contests, certificates, articles, resumes, etc...Anything that visually represents your accomplishments
Remember to collect your work from internships, too, but be careful with revealing technology, client name, etc

Interview Tips
-Know your portfolio
-Leverage it when answering questions
-Bring it up, and show it off! It can leave a lasting impression
-Keep your pieces in chronological order as much as possible
-Keep it updated

Online source that allows you to:
-Chart your academic and co-curricular skills
-Record your leadership development throughout your college years
-Evaluate skills you’ve gained and accomplishments you’ve made
-Understand and explain your strengths and weaknesses
-Refer to the newsletter for detailed instructions on signing up for NYUeVita

-Highlight your: communication, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, social responsibility, teamwork, technical, scientific, and social networking skills!
What to include?
-Academic work
-Involvement in clubs and organizations
-Community service activities
-International experience (your study-abroad experience: remember to get involved while you study abroad)
-Relevant accomplishments
-Interests matter---show how you’re unique!
-Be brief
-Be creative: 99% of resumes look the same...make yours stand out (add color, etc)!
-Examples of creative resumes
-Think outside the box, but keep in mind what kind of job you’re applying for

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


You have all seen the Mac vs. PC ads. A few weeks ago, in my Intro to Marketing class we discussed the effectiveness of these ads, and how (or if) it changes consumer attitudes on brands. The responses seemed somewhat mixed.

Verizon decided to take on a similar criticize-the-competition (in this case, the iPhone) method with the Droid. Check out the iDon't commercial for the Droid Does campaign

This commercial/youtube video uploaded by DroidDoes has already received867,857+ views, 1,790 ratings with an average of 4 out of 5 stars, and over 1500 comments within the past 3 days.

Thoughts? iLike or iDon't?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Those Resumes Ready for Wednesday!

Portfolio Workshop & Resume Review


Professional portfolios are an invaluable tool that can help give you the edge you need in an interview. C-moc & Cristina will be presenting some tips on how to start your digital or hard copy portfolio. Bring your resume and get it reviewed by out senior e-board members!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Fun Theory

To continue in the spirit of this week's speaker event that featured the viral marketing company, Oddcast, I thought it appropriate to share with you a new viral campaign that I particularly liked.

VW and ad agency DDB Stockholm recently launched "Rolighetsterorin", otherwise known as "The Fun Theory". The campaign focuses on how to encourage people to see how much fun acting environmentally responsible (and ultimately purchasing environmentally friendly cars) can be. Through a series of videotaped experiments, we can see how fun can influence behavior. The campaign has received enormous publicity. For full statistics on number of views per video, trending on twitter, global reach, etc. you can click here.

Some of the videos from the campaign are followed below:

Piano Stairs

  • 1.2 million+ views in 4 days
  • 66% more people chose to take the stairs

The World's Deepest Bin

  • 88,000 views in 4 days
  • 72kg of rubbish in 1 day
  • 41kg more than nearby bin

To learn more:

L'Oreal Brandstorm Event Recap

Thanks to those who came out to the L'Oreal Brandstorm Event today.

The minutes are followed for those who could not make it:

Loreal Brandstorm Event:
About Loreal
- Loreal is a consumer packaged good company created in 1909 focused solely on beauty products.
- Loreal is a Global company with 23 global brands (17.54 billion euros in sales)
- Loreal’s 6 elements:
- Unique expertise in beauty
- Science of beauty: founded by a chemist. R&D is unique to its core.
- Strategic portfolio of brands: professional product division (distribution is important), consumer products division, luxury products division, active cosmetics, the body shop
- Global or nothing: Loreal wants to be recognized all over the world. Reach consumers internationally and create consistent products.
- Our people: Loreal cares a lot about its employees. Loreal has various training programs and events to keep employees happy.
- Commitment to Sustainability: Loreal finds ways to give back to society by reducing waste. Loreal wants to be an environmentally responsible and a socially ethical company.
- Loreal Day – 100 years since Loreal was founded.
- Opportunities for Juniors and Seniors: No traditional on campus recruiting
- A Taste of L’oreal: bring candidates to Loreal office for the weekend. Meet executives and do a case study.
- Brandstorm – case competition
- Both are two ways for recruitment. Winners of the competition will have a chance to intern at Loreal during the summer. (10-12 weeks based in NYC)

About Brandstorm
- Develop an original concept in coherence with brand values.
- Since its creation in 1993, more than 3700 people have competed.

Who can play?
- Undergraduate students with an interest in marketing enrolled in Junior and Senior.

- International Finals: 1st prize: 10,000 Euros for a trip to wherever you want, 2nd: 5,000 Euros, 3rd: 2500 Euros
- Best communication campaign prize: the best communication campaign will be awarded by the Ad Agency.

How to play?
- Form a team of three and submit pre-case by registering online at

- Imagine what would be the new beauty product range for men for DIESEL if it were not a fragrance. It could be anything.

- Analyze the market: analyze the status of DIESEL and any other two brands. Define market, understand consumer, identify trends
- Analyze DIESEL
- Propose your product solution: What kind of product range would you launch for your new DIESEL franchise? What would be your target? Present briefly both your new franchise and product range.

Amanda and Natalie talk about their experience on last year’s Brandstorm
- Teamwork is very important.
- Once you are competing on a national level, briefing needs to be professional.
- It’s really about the creativity and concept.
- You are paired with a marketer and meet executives. You can actually use what you learned in the classroom.
- After campus finals you can get help from professor Sunder Narayanan.
- It’s your product. Believe in it and be passionate about it.

For questions or finding teammates email Amanda:

Register online at

- Campus presentation: 10/15
- Registration deadline: 10/22
- Pre-case study deadline: 11/2
- Finalist announced: 11/6
- Campus finals: 12/8
- National finals: 4/9
- International finals: June 2010

L'Oreal Brandstorm Event Today!


Calling all Juniors & Seniors: come learn about the 2010 L'Oreal Brandstorm case competition. NYU is the reigning USA champion, so you could be the next team that travels to Paris to represent the USA in this amazing international competition! Co-sponsored with EEG and USWIB. Learn more.

Oddcast Event Recap

Thank you all for coming to the Oddcast event yesterday! The wonderful Emily Twomey, the company's SVP of sales spoke about viral marketing and showed some of Oddcast's campaigns.

Hope you found it entertaining! But, for those of you that couldn't make it, here are the meeting minutes:

Oddcast Presentation:

  • “Oddcast is a viral marketing company specializing in online technologies that open up new possibilities for audience personalization and engagement” (Oddcast).
  • FYI, Viral Marketing: “a technique aiming at reproducing word of mouth, usually on the internet or by e-mail, for humorous, political or marketing purposes” (Wikitionary).


  • Credibility in viral marketing: email from friends is the most effective.
  • 70% of viral marketers report increasing awareness.


Oddcast Campaigns:

  • “Hace Confesar a un Amigo” (Quilmes is a beer company in South America---similar to Budweiser)
  • “RoutanBabymaker 300” This application ran for 10 months, and created 3 million virtual Routan babies---roughly equal to how many babies were born in the US during this time period (pretty amazing!).
  • Oddcast is in the process of developing a new application for Fox---users will be able to upload a picture and become part of a movie as a character. Then, you can purchase the movie on the website (send it as gifts to friends)---shows the increasing focus on sales. This application will be available within a year.


What makes a campaign successful?

  • Need to have a creative vision
  • Think about how you can engage consumers, and build the necessary technology
  • The R&D Department usually extends technology, and the agency brainstorms (ideas)
  • Most successful viral campaigns are integrated into a larger campaign

-       Example: “Trek yourself,” CHEEZ-IT

-       You can send your creation to Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites

-       Effectiveness: 21,321 “posts and grabbed URLs” 

-      >100% email open rate (people were opening it more than once)

-       Moving away from having one final destination, and placing your destination wherever your target is


Developing a campaign

  • Eight-week process
  • What are you looking for? (Provide guidance, but client show know what it wants to accomplish)


More campaigns

  • Gillette

-       Every Saturday in the month of November, they would display the users’ pictures on the NASDAQ building and email the pictures of the building.

  • M&M’s “Candy Lab

-       Purpose was to increase sales of customized M&M’s

-       Users can look at what their finished products would look like, and order it on the website

  • “Get Munked”

-       Created for the movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks”

-       Note the audio work


Personalization = viral success

  • 41% of user sessions are generated through viral distribution (email, blog, post, etc)
  • 30% of sessions end with user creation
  • 15% of user sessions end in sharing (35% of this via email)

Now go "Munk" Yourself!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pistachios are Sexy?

Even the pistachio industry is relying on sex to generate sales. Their new ad campaign is based on how various personalities crack open a pistachio. The industry is trying to recover from last April's salmonella contamination recall.  Here are some of the photos from the ad shoot: 

Tagline: "A dominatrix does it on command."

Tagline: "Now, Levi does it with protection."

So...go buy pistachios?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Week's Speaker Event: Oddcast

Oddcast: The Viral Marketing Company


Oddcast technologies unlocks new creative possibilities for social media and viral marketing campaigns. SVP of Sales, Emily Twomey, will discuss how her company has created some of the web's most successful viral campaigns. Learn more.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Market Yourself for A Marketing Internship Event Recap

Thanks to those of you who came to our "Market Yourself for a Marketing Internship" Event, co-hosted by the Undergraduate Office of Advising.

For those of you who were not able to attend, the meeting minutes are available below:

10/8/09 Marketing Yourself for a Marketing Internship: Minutes

· Professor Lieberman

o EMT Tracks

o The most obvious are the most difficult to enter

§ Film

§ Television

§ Publishing

§ Music

§ Sports

§ Electronic games

§ Casinos

§ Cruise ships

§ Clubs

o Less Obvious Tracks

§ Advertising Agencies

§ Marketing Companies and PR firms

§ Marketing Consulting

§ Sponsorship companies

§ Web building companies

§ Companies that have tie-ins with E&M&T

o Briefly discusses key skills to have for landing an EMT internship

o Send all requests and questions to Anya at

· Professor Green (

o Discussed the many different kinds of marketing opportunities

§ Marketing

· Sales

· Brand management

· Marketing communications

· Marketing research

§ Advertising Agencies

· Account management

· Strategic planning

· Research

· Creative/production

§ Marketing Research

· Project/client management

· Analyst

§ Consultancies

· Project/client management

· Analyst

o Landing a Marketing Internship Tips

§ 3 P’s

· People: Gotta Love em and be curious about them

· Popular culture: understand it, know the trends

· Passion: show enthusiasium/involvement

§ Do Your Homework!

· Know the company

· Know your audience

§ Stay up to date on the industry

· Read marketing magazines like Adage

· Networking: Comment on marketing articles and ask to discuss them with the author

o Don’t leave without another contact! i.e. Do you know who else I can speak to about this?

§ Get digital and Interactive Experience

· Grace from the Wasserman Center

o Resources

§ Explained the On Campus Recruitment Program (OCR)

· Need to sign up for orientation and an interviewing skills workshop

· Feb-April: recruitment for summer internships for juniors

· Now: recruitment for full time positions for seniors

§ Interview Net

§ CareerNet: for immediate hire

§ Stay tuned for emails about career fairs

§ Dec 5th: Green Jobs Fair

§ Employer Presentations

§ Recruiter in Residence: Learn about the interview process of a specific company and get resume tips from their recruiter

§ Mentor Network

§ Can schedule career counseling sessions

· Cristina Plana and Henry Kim discussed their marketing internship experience

o internships are great to find out what you like and especially what you don’t like

o discussed the pros and cons of working in a large vs. small company

If you have any additional questions about marketing yourself for a marketing internship, you can e-mail us at We wish everyone the best.