Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Makeovers and Photo Shoots

Head to Bloomingdale's on October 16 for Estee Lauder's new marketing promotion. The cosmetics company is providing free makeovers and photo shoots, in hopes that consumers will use the shots as their online profile pictures. Of course, the Estee Lauder logo will be featured as the background. It's certainly a different kind of branding campaign compared to more traditional advertising methods. It's also relying more on social media such as Facebook and PR power to drive the campaign forward-- a unique approach for a major brand in cosmetics.

As Jack Neff of AdAge reports,

"With a target age of 35 to 55, Estee Lauder consumers aren't necessarily prototypical social-media mavens. But the promotion has a dual strategy, said spokeswoman Tara Eisenberg: helping contemporize the brand for younger women while recognizing that somewhat older women have rapidly embraced social media, too.

...Purchase isn't required, but the promotion does get women to the counter to talk with reps and try makeup, a habit Estee Lauder and the prestige beauty industry, hit hard by recession, would like to help restore."

Full article:

So whether or not you'll be participating in the free giveaways and photoshoots, what are your thoughts on this strategy? Free gifts seem to be attractive in this economic climate, but do you think that Estee Lauder can reach out to the younger female demographic? Or that the older demographic will not only have interest in these photo shoot activities, but use their image results on social networking sites and spread the Estee Lauder brand name?

The Estee Lauder campaign should at least receive some credit for creativity, kindness, and creating engagement with its consumers.

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