Friday, October 23, 2009

Portfolio Workshop & Resume Review Recap

Portfolio Workshop & Resume Review

Professional Portfolio
Q. What is a professional portfolio?
A. Collection of examples of your best work organized in a binder/book/portfolio
Q. Why is it important?
A. Cmoc’s fourteen-minute interview story!
Q. What do you include?
A. Hardcopy of PowerPoint Presentations, mock-ups, projects, contests, certificates, articles, resumes, etc...Anything that visually represents your accomplishments
Remember to collect your work from internships, too, but be careful with revealing technology, client name, etc

Interview Tips
-Know your portfolio
-Leverage it when answering questions
-Bring it up, and show it off! It can leave a lasting impression
-Keep your pieces in chronological order as much as possible
-Keep it updated

Online source that allows you to:
-Chart your academic and co-curricular skills
-Record your leadership development throughout your college years
-Evaluate skills you’ve gained and accomplishments you’ve made
-Understand and explain your strengths and weaknesses
-Refer to the newsletter for detailed instructions on signing up for NYUeVita

-Highlight your: communication, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, social responsibility, teamwork, technical, scientific, and social networking skills!
What to include?
-Academic work
-Involvement in clubs and organizations
-Community service activities
-International experience (your study-abroad experience: remember to get involved while you study abroad)
-Relevant accomplishments
-Interests matter---show how you’re unique!
-Be brief
-Be creative: 99% of resumes look the same...make yours stand out (add color, etc)!
-Examples of creative resumes
-Think outside the box, but keep in mind what kind of job you’re applying for

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