Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some Great Articles

Here are some helpful articles that you might want to check out before the "Market Yourself for a Marketing Internship" event!

Richards Group Recruiter: Why Title-Seekers Need Not Apply

Five Questions for Amanda Vendal

NEW YORK ( -- Amanda Vendal has spent the past 17 years working at one of the largest independent shops in the country, Richards Group. Today she serves as one of three full-time recruiters Richards currently employs at its Dallas headquarters. Ms. Vendal took some time to tell us what she's up to these days -- which, even in this economy, includes hiring.


Survey: Digitally Savvy Job Hunters Maintain Hiring Edge

More Than Half of Agencies, Marketers That Plan to Staff Up in 2010 Seek Web Designers, Producers

NEW YORK ( -- While layoffs remain a fact of industry life right now, at least one recent survey underscores the edge digital-savvy prospects have when it comes to the few job opportunities that are available.


How to Google-Rank Your Way to a Recruiter's Heart

7 Tips for Helping Hiring Managers Find Your Resume Online

During an average week, a recruiter reviews countless resumes, responds to hundreds of e-mails, conducts phone screens, video interviews and in-person interviews -- all to find one perfect candidate match. For job seekers, this means a change in job-search approach. Rather than the "find a job" mentality, job seekers must focus on being found.


Love Advertising? Join the Club

Five Reasons Why College Students Should Consider Joining an Advertising Club

My alma mater's advertising club really was one of the most beneficial things I did in college. I think any college student who's serious about a career in advertising should consider joining or starting an advertising club. Here's why.


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