Thursday, October 15, 2009

L'Oreal Brandstorm Event Recap

Thanks to those who came out to the L'Oreal Brandstorm Event today.

The minutes are followed for those who could not make it:

Loreal Brandstorm Event:
About Loreal
- Loreal is a consumer packaged good company created in 1909 focused solely on beauty products.
- Loreal is a Global company with 23 global brands (17.54 billion euros in sales)
- Loreal’s 6 elements:
- Unique expertise in beauty
- Science of beauty: founded by a chemist. R&D is unique to its core.
- Strategic portfolio of brands: professional product division (distribution is important), consumer products division, luxury products division, active cosmetics, the body shop
- Global or nothing: Loreal wants to be recognized all over the world. Reach consumers internationally and create consistent products.
- Our people: Loreal cares a lot about its employees. Loreal has various training programs and events to keep employees happy.
- Commitment to Sustainability: Loreal finds ways to give back to society by reducing waste. Loreal wants to be an environmentally responsible and a socially ethical company.
- Loreal Day – 100 years since Loreal was founded.
- Opportunities for Juniors and Seniors: No traditional on campus recruiting
- A Taste of L’oreal: bring candidates to Loreal office for the weekend. Meet executives and do a case study.
- Brandstorm – case competition
- Both are two ways for recruitment. Winners of the competition will have a chance to intern at Loreal during the summer. (10-12 weeks based in NYC)

About Brandstorm
- Develop an original concept in coherence with brand values.
- Since its creation in 1993, more than 3700 people have competed.

Who can play?
- Undergraduate students with an interest in marketing enrolled in Junior and Senior.

- International Finals: 1st prize: 10,000 Euros for a trip to wherever you want, 2nd: 5,000 Euros, 3rd: 2500 Euros
- Best communication campaign prize: the best communication campaign will be awarded by the Ad Agency.

How to play?
- Form a team of three and submit pre-case by registering online at

- Imagine what would be the new beauty product range for men for DIESEL if it were not a fragrance. It could be anything.

- Analyze the market: analyze the status of DIESEL and any other two brands. Define market, understand consumer, identify trends
- Analyze DIESEL
- Propose your product solution: What kind of product range would you launch for your new DIESEL franchise? What would be your target? Present briefly both your new franchise and product range.

Amanda and Natalie talk about their experience on last year’s Brandstorm
- Teamwork is very important.
- Once you are competing on a national level, briefing needs to be professional.
- It’s really about the creativity and concept.
- You are paired with a marketer and meet executives. You can actually use what you learned in the classroom.
- After campus finals you can get help from professor Sunder Narayanan.
- It’s your product. Believe in it and be passionate about it.

For questions or finding teammates email Amanda:

Register online at

- Campus presentation: 10/15
- Registration deadline: 10/22
- Pre-case study deadline: 11/2
- Finalist announced: 11/6
- Campus finals: 12/8
- National finals: 4/9
- International finals: June 2010

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