Thursday, October 8, 2009

Market Yourself for A Marketing Internship Event Recap

Thanks to those of you who came to our "Market Yourself for a Marketing Internship" Event, co-hosted by the Undergraduate Office of Advising.

For those of you who were not able to attend, the meeting minutes are available below:

10/8/09 Marketing Yourself for a Marketing Internship: Minutes

· Professor Lieberman

o EMT Tracks

o The most obvious are the most difficult to enter

§ Film

§ Television

§ Publishing

§ Music

§ Sports

§ Electronic games

§ Casinos

§ Cruise ships

§ Clubs

o Less Obvious Tracks

§ Advertising Agencies

§ Marketing Companies and PR firms

§ Marketing Consulting

§ Sponsorship companies

§ Web building companies

§ Companies that have tie-ins with E&M&T

o Briefly discusses key skills to have for landing an EMT internship

o Send all requests and questions to Anya at

· Professor Green (

o Discussed the many different kinds of marketing opportunities

§ Marketing

· Sales

· Brand management

· Marketing communications

· Marketing research

§ Advertising Agencies

· Account management

· Strategic planning

· Research

· Creative/production

§ Marketing Research

· Project/client management

· Analyst

§ Consultancies

· Project/client management

· Analyst

o Landing a Marketing Internship Tips

§ 3 P’s

· People: Gotta Love em and be curious about them

· Popular culture: understand it, know the trends

· Passion: show enthusiasium/involvement

§ Do Your Homework!

· Know the company

· Know your audience

§ Stay up to date on the industry

· Read marketing magazines like Adage

· Networking: Comment on marketing articles and ask to discuss them with the author

o Don’t leave without another contact! i.e. Do you know who else I can speak to about this?

§ Get digital and Interactive Experience

· Grace from the Wasserman Center

o Resources

§ Explained the On Campus Recruitment Program (OCR)

· Need to sign up for orientation and an interviewing skills workshop

· Feb-April: recruitment for summer internships for juniors

· Now: recruitment for full time positions for seniors

§ Interview Net

§ CareerNet: for immediate hire

§ Stay tuned for emails about career fairs

§ Dec 5th: Green Jobs Fair

§ Employer Presentations

§ Recruiter in Residence: Learn about the interview process of a specific company and get resume tips from their recruiter

§ Mentor Network

§ Can schedule career counseling sessions

· Cristina Plana and Henry Kim discussed their marketing internship experience

o internships are great to find out what you like and especially what you don’t like

o discussed the pros and cons of working in a large vs. small company

If you have any additional questions about marketing yourself for a marketing internship, you can e-mail us at We wish everyone the best.


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