Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oddcast Event Recap

Thank you all for coming to the Oddcast event yesterday! The wonderful Emily Twomey, the company's SVP of sales spoke about viral marketing and showed some of Oddcast's campaigns.

Hope you found it entertaining! But, for those of you that couldn't make it, here are the meeting minutes:

Oddcast Presentation:

  • “Oddcast is a viral marketing company specializing in online technologies that open up new possibilities for audience personalization and engagement” (Oddcast).
  • FYI, Viral Marketing: “a technique aiming at reproducing word of mouth, usually on the internet or by e-mail, for humorous, political or marketing purposes” (Wikitionary).


  • Credibility in viral marketing: email from friends is the most effective.
  • 70% of viral marketers report increasing awareness.


Oddcast Campaigns:

  • “Hace Confesar a un Amigo” (Quilmes is a beer company in South America---similar to Budweiser)
  • “RoutanBabymaker 300” This application ran for 10 months, and created 3 million virtual Routan babies---roughly equal to how many babies were born in the US during this time period (pretty amazing!).
  • Oddcast is in the process of developing a new application for Fox---users will be able to upload a picture and become part of a movie as a character. Then, you can purchase the movie on the website (send it as gifts to friends)---shows the increasing focus on sales. This application will be available within a year.


What makes a campaign successful?

  • Need to have a creative vision
  • Think about how you can engage consumers, and build the necessary technology
  • The R&D Department usually extends technology, and the agency brainstorms (ideas)
  • Most successful viral campaigns are integrated into a larger campaign

-       Example: “Trek yourself,” CHEEZ-IT

-       You can send your creation to Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites

-       Effectiveness: 21,321 “posts and grabbed URLs” 

-      >100% email open rate (people were opening it more than once)

-       Moving away from having one final destination, and placing your destination wherever your target is


Developing a campaign

  • Eight-week process
  • What are you looking for? (Provide guidance, but client show know what it wants to accomplish)


More campaigns

  • Gillette

-       Every Saturday in the month of November, they would display the users’ pictures on the NASDAQ building and email the pictures of the building.

  • M&M’s “Candy Lab

-       Purpose was to increase sales of customized M&M’s

-       Users can look at what their finished products would look like, and order it on the website

  • “Get Munked”

-       Created for the movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks”

-       Note the audio work


Personalization = viral success

  • 41% of user sessions are generated through viral distribution (email, blog, post, etc)
  • 30% of sessions end with user creation
  • 15% of user sessions end in sharing (35% of this via email)

Now go "Munk" Yourself!

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