Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rosetta Event Recap


Check out some of their featured work on their website:

- Started 12 years ago as a consulting company. Most of the people who work there originally
came from a brand management or classic consulting background.
- They decided to change their strategy when they realized they wanted to do the designing in the
marketing campaigns as well. They expanded through partnerships and acquisitions.
- 3 main areas within the company: strategic insights, ideas and programs, and technology
- Huge client list spanning across diverse industries e.g. consumer products, healthcare, financial
services, communication, emerging markets
- Usually work with big companies

- About providing expert advice to influence strategic decision making
- 4 key components: (consulting side) classic consulting and change management, (marketing
side) analytics, and insight generation
- Process after client comes to them for consulting advice (usually a 10-12 week process)
1. They will look at the size of the opportunities
2. Competitors- involve a lot of research and presenting information in a digestible way to business
3. Looking at options- ways of testing this include concept interest evaluation, pricing and analysis
4. How it will look like – create mission statement to creative team so they can create solutions to the issue.

Account Management - Working with an Agency
- Account management is in the middle of the 3 main areas within the company: strategic
insights, ideas and programs, and technology. Work with creative team to address issue client
presents, working with brand team to make sure there is no misalignment of goals
- Often will be given the scenario and they will have to fill in the blanks
- Use of PLAVIX example to demonstrate how account management works, in this example they
had to create a solution that fit the criteria of consumer focus, fit new government legislation
and a new website feeling. Creation of new site.

Working with Rosetta
- Relaxed environment
- Good reputation
- Extensive client list
- A downside of consulting is traveling and for junior members of the firm, Rosetta tries to limit
- Projects and work can range quite broadly depending on the project and client

-Starting out in the company usually means working on analytics and number crunching so you
can understand how to find trends and relationships in data.

Internship Process
- Rolling application on website
- Full time positions available as they conduct full-on recruiting processes

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