Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Happiness Machine

Coke is really intent on associating its brand with Happiness.

Check out the new 2 minute spot from marketing/e-commerce agency Definition 6.

Despite our university's turbulent relationship with Coca Cola, I don't think we'd mind our own Happiness Machine.

*As of 1/24/2010: Over 1 million views, ~4,500 5/5 star ratings (uploaded 01/12/2010)
It's great seeing major companies like Coca-Cola really embracing new media like YouTube. You bypass the media planning costs (agency fees, airtime, etc), and can actually expand reach given the global nature of the YouTube platform. And because there's a direct site, it has the opportunity to be shared, and more social and more viral.

For credits and more information about the ad, AdLand.

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