Tuesday, December 7, 2010

YouTube Event Recap

Stan (above) is our most devoted member. He has earned the most Mktsoc membership points.

This is Paul, and he won this week's Mktsoc Challenge by providing the class with the most entertaining YouTube video.

Hours of Video YouTube uploaded EVERY DAY: 50,000

YouTube Premium - trying to compete against mainstream TV

YouTube is creative and modern

Sharing is viral and has no frontier

Most ad costs are in CPM (cost per thousand views)

Cost per View - Audience members have to choose to watch so it is more meaningful

Mobile is the number one screen

5 metrics more important than the click

75% of ads socially enabled

Top search sites: Google, YouTube, Bing

GoogleTV: Trying to make ads more relevant to individual users by using tracking

Avi Fein: afein@google.com
Sara Crosby: saracrosby@google.com
Kevin Siwoff: ksiwoff@google.com

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