Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joel J. Ehrlich Event Recap

Joel J. Ehrlich- President of The Harmony Group LLC

What Is Marketing?
- Everything that happens from a point when a product is manufactured and produced to when it
is purchased.
- EVERYTHING to make someone buy something
- The real fun of marketing is observing consumers as though you are a psychologist
- It is so important. E.g. most people in the US do not know who the US Secretary of Defense is,
whereas people in Europe would know straight away. What is the problem? Lack of marketing.
- Constantly changing.

What Do You Need?
- Learn to be comfortable asking questions and asking the right questions-best way to learn about
- Don’t get caught up in the academic approach to marketing
- Need to know the subtleties and need to know everything – make sure you are constantly
checking marketing resources/blogs etc (list of recommended resources at the end of notes)
- Should take a psychology class to understand how the brain works

How Did Marketing Begin?
- In order to see the future, you must be a student of the past
- Example of when a woman wanted to pick up a man, she left foot prints in the sand. This is
marketing herself – there is clear direction and purpose
- About bringing people and products/services together
- Must open the door for an emotional connection and attachment, understanding the
psychological insides of a human being.

Key Trends
The consumer is the most important - they control everything.
- They have the power to dictate where, when, how and from whom something is delivered. This
is new for marketing.

Content delivery and access is changing – delivering content to be noticed using media, which is how
you get marketing to people, it is the delivery system and the tool to communicate something. People
want to be entertained.
- Branded entertainment – delivering an experience e.g. product placement in a movie. These
can work really well and have great potential (check out Batman Onstar). However, celebrity
endorsements also have problems because they can easily become ‘lame’ or ‘stupid’ or viewers
get caught up with celebrity rather than the product. There are more mistakes in this area than
other areas in marketing.
- Digital Media – taking already existing content or newly created content and delivering them

Tools are changing
- IPTV- Internet Protocol TV, TV channels are delivered online and give viewers opportunity to
interact with media and information. Future = more interactive commercials.
- Mobile marketing- bigger use to be better but it is not anymore
- Social Media is growing extremely fast but has pitfalls – people don’t know how to use it
properly, too many assumptions and people forget about platforms.
- Marketing in Games – growing very fast and using more product placement, understanding
where people spend money. 18 billion dollars was spent on virtual dollars.

Changing demographics and targeting
- Largest growing is Hispanic population (50 million out of 313 million US population), African
American at 13%. Need to know their family values, where they live etc
- Aging populations
- Marketing to children
- Marketing to women – role of women becoming more prominent in society, but still maintaining
role of making household decisions
- Micro-targeting using hyper-local marketing

Recommended Resources
- PR2.0
- Mashable
- Blogstorm
- Seth Godin
- Duct Tape
- The Marketing Minute
- Trendhunter
- Marketingvox
- What’s Next Blog
- Social Media Explorer
- I Believe in Advertising
- Only Dead Fish
- Grokdotcom
- Emergence Marketing
- Brandflakebreakfast
- Brandautopsy
- TechCrunch
- AllThingsD
-Logic + Emotion
-Ad Rants
-Web Strategy
-Brand as Business Bits
-Marketing Pilgrim
-Church of the Customer
-Brandweek Magazine

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