Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coming Soon to a Deli Near You

It’s impossible to avoid advertising. Walk down the street, and you’ll pass a few billboards. Hop in the subway, and you’re surrounded by walls of ads. Advertising is there whether you’re watching television, reading a magazine, listening to the radio, and soon—when you grab that deli sandwich for lunch.

Mediacy, a Print and Out of Home agency has just launched a new division-- "Brandwrappers" where companies can advertise on sandwich wraps and the like. Apparently the cost is rather low-- less than 10 cents per wrap. Of course, one should also consider how many people these ads are reaching. Unlike the coffee sleeve which seems to have more of a public visual presence, the brandwrap's life span and capacity for impression is still a little unclear. I'll be looking out for ROI for this type of media buy and how popular this out-of-home advertising becomes.

In the mean time, grab yourself a sandwich and enjoy your ad-free wrapper while you can.

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