Monday, March 8, 2010

IdeaVillage Event Recap

Andy Khubani, CEO + Founder
Date: Thursday, March 4th, 2010

'As Seen on TV' Business:
- Began w/ the pitch market at Fairs
- Pitching constantly to 15-25 people at a time (perfected the pitch)
- Idea: bring it to TV and reach millions at once

- only 8% of consumers who want a product will buy in on TV
- how to reach 92% of market? -> bring it to retail!

Retail's Challenge:
- most companies buy a range of products from supplier, not just one
- solution: make own retail category -- As Seen on TV
- picked up by Bed, Bath & Beyond, Drugstores (Walgreen's says "As seen on TV" as important as Cough & Cold
- now available at almost any retail chain internationally

- Risk and Return about same as a Box Office Hit
- "Smooth Away" outperformed The Blind Side Revenues in 2009

2010 Hits?
- Bottle Tops
- HD Vision Ultras

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