Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guerrilla Marketing 2010

As digital marketing continues to rise in popularity, many have found that guerrilla-meets-digital marketing strategies are on the rise.

Brandweek published a great article highlighting the best of these stunts. Here's one example from Target below but please check out the link at the bottom to see them all:


Concept: Target rented the Standard Hotel. Techies outfitted 155 exterior rooms with banks of LEDs. On August 18, when the sun went down, the lights went up and behind the rooms' white curtains, 66 dancers clad in day-glo skeleton suits undulated to a score by DJ Sam Spiegel while the LEDs blazed through a panoply of color combos.

Mother New York (concept); The Bionic League (lights)

Objective: Promote the 2010 fall and holiday season apparel lines and generally act like a big player during Fashion Week

Payoff: 3,000 people on street level; 12.6 million Google hits from the event

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