Monday, October 25, 2010

Strawberry Frog Event Recap

Strawberry Frog

We had Suzie's Chinese food today and it was delicious!

Jon Chan came in from the Gallatin Business Club to speak to us about their future plans and to ask if people were interested in coming to their meetings. There seemed to be a large number of students who were interested in learning about how to create their own websites.

Strawberry Frog came in to speak to us about their different approach to Marketing. They believe in Movements rather than traditional marketing.

-- Change in advertising movement went from one channel to multiple outlets. Consumers are now also in charge of their digital devices.

-- Advertising is about interruption. Movements work on the theory that it is about participation.

-- Advertising used to be talking about yourself. Now it is about talking with others

-- Advertising was functional. Movements are value based

-- Individual messaging versus collective messaging.

-- Showed us their case stories on Pritt, True North, Earth Hour, Sabra, Pepsi

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