Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Publicis's Craig Davis is making a call to action and asking consumers to start picking "good" brands from "bad" brands in order to make the world a better place through Brandkarma.

Brandkarma is a new social media platform that provides a space for consumers to discuss brand behavior and obtain more information on brands. The mission, as stated on the website is: "‘to help everyone make better brand choices and influence brand behavior for good’. Make the world better, one brand at a time. Join the conversation now!"

When users log in, they will be greeted by headlines on global brands. There are also search tools to customize. The site really does aim to be specific. It asks how your comments not only affect consumers but other stakeholders such as employees, investors, distributors, etc.

All comments and compliments are color-rated, so the whole experience is very visually pleasing and colorful. "You express your opinion by throwing confetti at the bigger picture," Davis says.

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