Thursday, April 8, 2010

R/GA Event Recap

Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2010

Campaigns come and go, but platforms are built to last:
1. Campagins -> communication -> short-lived
2. Programs -> relationships -> on-going
3. Platforms -> system of interaction -> long-lasting
-Platform fits into people's lives and is an "earned media"
-i.e. Nike+: The Human Race

Every 9 years, R/GA reinvents what business it is in:
1. Computer assisted filmmaking
2. Integrated digital studio
3. Interactive agency
4. New agency model - "agency through digital ad"

Successful R/GA campaigns include:
1. Noka Nseries
2. Pepsi - Dear Mr. President
3. Verizon - Droid launch
4. Ad Council - "That's not cool"

Remember some distinctions:
-Inbound vs. outbound
-Communication vs. behavior
-Paid vs. owned vs. earned media
-Campaign vs. program vs. platform

R/GA is looking for talent:
-Learn more at
-Become a fan at

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