Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ogilvy Entertainment Recap

Thank you to the many (and there were many indeed!) that came out to the Ogilvy Entertainment event today.

I hope you all enjoyed the presentation by our lovely guest speaker and NYU Stern alum, Lily Yuan. For those of you who couldn't make it, the minute meetings are as follows:

-Ogilvy Entertainment= Branded Content & Entertainment division of Ogilvy; full service agency in itself (~20 people)
-"What's old is new again."
-Branded Entertainment marketing spending will exceed $40 billion by 2012
-From 1970s, there has been a 250+% increase in daily commercial messaging
-Product Placement (American Idol & Coca-Cola) ->
Product Integration (Wilson in Cast Away) ->
Brand Created Content (BMW/BMW Film Series: The Hire) ->
Brand Franchise Property (Transformers, Bratz)
-Ogilvy focuses on Product Integration and Brand Created Content, hoping to further explore Brand Franchise Property
-Entertainment creates values on multiple levels: unique story telling; promotional+creative currency; media efficiency (working content vs. working media); residual economic value
-Case studies:
Grape Nut: "That takes Grape Nuts" Campaign, "The Guy's Manual"
Du Pont: Helping rebuild Greenburg; sustainability; green marketing with expansive marketing platform (PR, digital, video case studies, media buys, etc.)
Crystal Light: Collaborating with Estelle to appeal to interests of target demo (younger women) and...Hellman's ("uncomplicated, simple, real food") Kodak, Dudes to Dads, etc.
-Ogilvy Info Session @ NYU Wasserman: Oct 28, 7:30pm-9:00pm

For more on Ogilvy Entertainment, check out

-Alex & mktsoc

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