Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Reuters, AdAge, BBC and other sources have reported that, for the first time, online ad spending has surpassed television ad spending in the UK (Although, according to The Guardian, this had actually occurred in Denmark prior-- however the UK is the first major market/economy to do so).

23.5%, Online ad spending
21.9%, Television ad spending

It's rather close, and online ad spending includes a rather broad (including paid for search ads such as Google) mix, but it does imply a larger message on a new culture of media, consumers, and societal structure overall.

In observation of this occasion, check out a fun online banner ad (oxymoron much?) produced by Bridge Worldwide, a top digital marketing agency. The ad won the Cannes Cyber Lions Gold in 2009, along with over 500 comments on reddit, plenty of blog and other web publication coverage on sites such as Adweek, innumerable re-tweets, and other sources of publicity and press.

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